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During ancient times, cultures worldwide used a process to bury bodies. But, as time passed, many other cultures began using burning techniques, which is known today as cremation. In recent times, cremation has become common place and very popular among those seeking funeral services. This is because it can be used as both a personal sign of death, and as a way of being the much more cost-effective and cheaper option when compared to the regular burial process.

Luckily, for consumers, there are a few different types of cremation service options. Listed below are just a couple of the more popular, yet different methods that families can use in the cremation process: Direct Cremation or a Regular Service, with the cremation process to follow. As with the regular funeral process, each family has a different way of dealing with their loss, so we encourage families to come up with a list of questions that may be of importance to them to ensure the proper dignity and respect is given.

When faced with the difficult decisions that lie ahead, the staff of the Calvin Funeral Home is always available and ready to help you with any questions you may have regarding the cremation process. Please feel free to contact us at (269) 621-4101 when the situation arises, and we would be happy to help guide you.


Direct Cremation is the most common method of cremation used by families today. Direct cremation is observed as prompt cremation following the death of someone. Before cremation can take place, we will need the family to come in, identify the body (if it is necessary or if they so choose) and sign cremation authorization paperwork to proceed with the cremation process. Because of the much less amount of work that goes into the cremation process, it is commonly seen as the most simple and cost-effective solution, and the price comes out much less than that of a traditional funeral service today.

Following the cremation process, the family will receive a "temporary" container with their loved one's ashes. It is then up to the family of the loved one to make decisions; most notably, whether they will hold a memorial service to honor the memory of their loved one or not. Other options include burying the ashes, or simply, keep them at their home. No family has a similar choice in options, so we encourage you to follow your heart when you make those tough decisions.

Should you decide to host a memorial service, you are not required to host it at the funeral home. You may have the services at the place of your choice, which usually is the option most families prefer. That is because it gives the family a more personal place and way to honor their loved one. It also gives the public an opportunity to meet with the family in the comfort of their sanctuary. In order to have a memorial service, the ashes do not have to be present to conduct the services; families may choose to have it without them present.

If you choose to bury the ashes, you will need to contact the funeral director to set up and arrange for the burial in the cemetery. The funeral director will directly contact the cemetery sexton and handle the opening of the grave for the ashes to be buried. If you choose to not bury the ashes and wish to have them as a keepsake in the place of your choice, you may choose an urn from our urn catalogs or purchase one online.


Cremation may also take place after viewing and funeral services commence. As is the case with a regular funeral, the body is present, typically in a rental casket. This may occur at the funeral home or at a place of worship. This method follows the procedures of a traditional funeral, with the lone exceptions being that after the funeral is over, the body and the casket are not buried, and there is no funeral procession to the cemetery. Rather, the body is taken out of the rental casket and is sent to the crematory to complete the cremation process.

This method of cremation costs more than a direct cremation because of the expenses of embalming the body (required by law), along with the cost of the rental casket and the costs of the funeral director and staff that need to be on site (also required by law). Just remember that having services prior to cremation are optional, and if the family wishes to view the body and have services prior to the cremation, it is their option. Families who use this option point to to ability to conduct regular services with the body present and giving their loved ones a traditional "send-off".

As you can see, there are a few different ways to conduct cremation services should that be your preferred choice. Our caring professionals are always available to speak with you to offer advice and suggestions in your time of need.


Consumers are encouraged to pick up a General Price List at their local funeral home. Our General Price List covers all the costs involved in further detail. This can be obtained in person or by going to the General Price List page of our website.


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