Markers and Monuments

After putting someone in the ground after a service in a cemetery, most families will then make the commitment of putting a memorial in place at the place of burial. In most cases, families select to put a marker at the burial site as a permanent fixation of the person. This marker can contain the persons name, dates of birth and death and even, emblems and logos that were a part of a person’s life or even the families life.

Fortunately, the Calvin and Leonard Funeral Homes have partnered with a local monument company to fill your memorial needs. Campbell Murch Memorials is a family-owned and operated monument company in southwestern Michigan since 1894. Campbell Murch Memorials can create Cemetery Memorials, Custom Granite, Bronze and Aluminum Plates and Custom Engraving.

They have a wide arrange of marker designs, as well as a wide arrange of granites which come from North America, Europe, Africa and Asia. Needless to say, Campbell Murch Memorials can take care of all of its customers, regardless of size or finances. We highly recommend Campbell Murch Memorials because of its caring, family-owned style of business. We feel you will be deeply satisfied with their work.

We encourage you to go visit Campbell Murch Memorials at the address below to personally meet with them, as they have many monuments and granites on site that our Funeral Homes WILL NOT have in stock. You may contact Campbell Murch Memorials by using this address and phone number:


Campbell Murch Memorials
56656 South Main Street
Mattawan, Michigan  49071
Local Number: (269) 668-3350
Toll-Free Number: (800) 603-3344


If your loved one was a member of any of the United States Armed Forces, you are not only eligible for burial in any one of the National Cemeteries across the country, but you are also eligible for a veterans marker / monument of your choice, courtesy of the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. This marker can be an assortment of choice — from flat granite and bronze to any upright marker of your choice. This marker will contain the Veterans full name, dates of birth and death and the rank and branch of the military. Some markers have the capability to include the spouses information, including full name, date of birth and date of death, as well.

If your loved one was a veteran of the Armed Forces, please speak with the Funeral Director about getting a headstone for your loved one. They will be able to assist you with the forms that are needed to get that done. Please bring in the DD-214 form with you for proof purposes. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding on this matter.