Cremation Urns

You have decided to select cremation and the time has come to determine whether you will be burying the ashes or keeping them at home. If you choose the home option, we have urns available for you! An urn is more of a permanent solution to the handling of a loved ones ashes. Urns are designed to hold the ashes, but more importantly, become a permanent memorial to a loved one. And with urns being such small fixtures, you have the ability to put them anywhere in your home in a visually appealing place.

Cremation urns are all different and are made from a variety of materials. The wide arrange of materials allows for many urns to be inexpensive, yet create a unique piece of artwork that honors the lifestyle of your loved one. Most urns also allow for engraving, which families use for the loved ones Name, Date of
Birth and Date of Death. Other families also wish to write messages on their urns, as well, to make the urn even more unique to them, the loved one, family and friends.

The Calvin and Leonard Funeral Homes are here to help you with your urn decisions and needs. While we do not carry urns “in stock”, we do work with a number of companies to create and customize urns. Their links are posted below and we encourage you to take a look and pick something you like. After all, it must be unique to you!



We sell urns for numerous companies — all of which offer unique and creative cremation urn lines that will allow you to select and customize the urn that will be your treasure for a lifetime. We sell for companies such as Batesville, Crescent Sales, Mark Thomas, Taylor Urns and Wilbert. There are many more companies out there, so we also encourage you to look around for the urn of your choice.