Burial Vaults

When it comes to choices in the burial process, the most important choices will center amongst two imperative pieces of merchandise: a burial casket and a burial vault. They are the very important, final-step choices that you will make to ensure your loved ones are safe and secure in the ground forever.

Burial Vaults are an important part of the after funeral process. Whether you are choosing for your loved one, pre-planning a funeral for yourself or are just looking around at vaults, the vault selection is of high priority. Vaults are made as a priority to secure the casket in the ground, promptly protecting your loved one and the casket your selected from sinking into the ground. It also is important, as the cemetery of choice requires a vault for burial purposes, whether the vault seals or doesn’t seal. So, a vault is very important selection for someone to make.

Understanding the unique needs of families, the Calvin and Leonard Funeral Home have a wide arrange of selections in vaults with our families in mind. Not only will you see a range of different vaults, but a wide arrange of vaults with cost-effectiveness in mind. We know our families are under the distinct burden of losing their loved ones, but also feel that they should not be burdened after the fact by high funeral costs.

Below is a link to a list of vaults that are currently on our price list, along with pictures and descriptions of each of the vaults for your convenience. Our vault selection will sometimes change, so please keep checking back to our Vault Inventory List for new selections we may have.


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