Burial Service Information

When the time of need or pre-need comes and you or your family decides to request for a funeral that involves embalming and a regular burial (whether it comes with a funeral or direct burial), you and your family have multiple choices regarding funeral services. We are here for your family when they need to make these tough decisions regarding these procedures. We understand decision making is tough, but it is our job to be there and assist our families in anyway that we possibly can.

When a family is discussing or has decided on the option of a burial service, the funeral home is here to assist with the following decisions. The list below is just a small list of things that we can help with when the time of need comes. The director of the Calvin and Leonard Funeral Homes are here to assist with:
  • Assisting in planning the proper funeral or burial service to honor your loved ones.
  • Assisting in selection of the casket and vault required for the burial services.
  • Assisting in the selection of a cemetery, cemetery lot and cemetery opening and closing.
  • Assisting in the selection of service folders, register book, music or videos unique to you.
  • Assisting in writing a death notice or obituary to be placed in local newspapers.
  • Assisting in getting legal documentation — such as death certificates and permits.
There are also many other choices when it comes to burial services, including the selection of clothing, flowers, funeral locations and other things specific to your funeral to make it unique to your family and the loved one that you have lost. You may also speak with the Funeral Director about those other selections that may be of importance to you or your family.

When faced with tough decisions, please know that we care about you and your family and are here for you when your time of need has come. Always feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns when the situation may arise.