Planning Your Funeral

When you lose a loved one, we understand that your loss can be an emotionally difficult, trying and traumatizing experience. Our caring and helping staff is here for you in your time of loss to help you through this difficult time. We know making funeral arrangements are not easy, but we can help you in your time of loss with pretty much everything you may need.

Our dedicated staff wants to assist you and plays a critical role in assisting you with planning and arranging meaningful, heartfelt services. We help you make key decisions you need to make. We handle all the details based on your unique needs and values to ensure that your services are unique to you and what you select.

While there are tough decisions when it comes to planning a funeral, we are here to ensure that the process is easier for you. There are plenty of things you may need after the fact, including legal documentation and other such things.

Here are just some of the needs that we can assist you with in your time of need. The list below is just some of the examples that we can help you with. They include:
  • Assisting in planning the proper funeral, memorial or cremation services.
  • Assisting in selection of a casket, vault, urn or cremation container.
  • Assisting in the selection of a headstone for the burial site.
  • Assisting in the selection of service folders, register book, music or videos.
  • Assisting in writing a death notice or obituary to be placed in local newspapers.
  • Assisting in getting legal documentation — such as death certificates and permits.
  • Assisting in contact with the Social Security and Veterans Administration.
  • Assisting in the filling out of paperwork — such as insurance claim forms.
When faced with the difficult challenge of the loss of a loved one, our staff is always here, ready and available to help you with whatever you may need. Please feel free to always contact us when the situation arises.